Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cambodia, Siem Reap, "Ta Prom and Bayon" Temples

In Angkor Archaeological Park, there are many temples and among them, the three well-known" ones are Angkor Wat, Ta Prom and Bayon.

Ta Prom Temple

Angkor Wat in the modern word means the city temple. It is the major destination of tourists in Cambodia. Ta Prom, as my second destination of the day, is a much as magnificent as Angkor Wat.

Ta Prom Temple

At the temple gate, Tuk Tuk parking lot, Seila my tour guide pointed a public toilet. It's clean there, he said. Well yes it's fine. Thanks for this tip.

Ta Prom Temple

Walking to the temple, we were surrounded by children tried to sell souvenir; "one dollar", "one dollar"...

Some renovation @ Ta Prom
Closer to the temple, at the walk path, the rain dropped heavily from the sky! Sedia payung sebelum hujan! Luckily I had my umbrella! It's either for the sun or rain!

If I could say Angkor Wat is a masculine temple, Ta Prom is the feminine one. In this compound, there are slim shaped of temple buildings, its uniqueness is the giant ancient trees standing strongly in between the rocks of the temples or on top of them!

That's where Angelina Jolie was for the Tomb Raider movie and there was I in that hot summer day in early June! It was 33 degree Celsius. I wore all of the sun protections I had, sunglasses, Japanese UV protection hat & umbrella! It's all worth the time and effort.

See the door where Angelina Jolie
ran in Tomb Raider
Where Angelina Jolie ran across the door in Tomb Raider movie, that's where everyone wants to take pics!
Some renovation is ongoing in this temple.

Lunch break was at a local restaurant nearby Ta Prom. It was good to try Cambodian cuisine at Ta Prom Khmer Food. This restaurant was occupied by tourists too.

I asked Virek and Seila to sit with me for lunch. Each of us ordered a meal and we shared them. Fried morning glory with garlic is a common dish in south east asia, I can find it everywhere in my home country - Indonesia - or in Vietnam where I lived. This dish tastes good here... Sweet and sour chicken needs more seasoning, I think... Plus the chicken cuts is too tiny. Mixed veggie with beef is yummy! Mmm, good lunch and the three of us was full and happy!

See the beautiful statue hidden in the root?

Last temple visited of the day was Bayon. It is another lovely temple. I can say this one is also a feminine temple-:) It is about 15 minute Tuk Tuk ride from Ta Prom.

This temple is known with its uniqueness of having many faces. There are statues and each of four directions of faces.

My compliment to Seila my tour guide. Not only that he knows what he is doing, he is talented in photography! He knows how to take good pics in Bayon! Do you want to be seen to be "nose to nose" to the statue?

We stopped at South gate to take pics, again Seila used his talent to take fun pics.

The gate entering Bayon temple is lovely. We came in from North gate, and got out in South gate.

I and the beautiful faces

Siem Reap, Angkor.... all worth the travel... This trip was an early birthday present for myself.

The gate of Bayon Temple

#Next post: Still about Siem Reap...

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