Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Toe Story

The toe story began on 17 August, the Independence Day of my home country, Indonesia. 

Thanks to internet, I could watch Indonesian TV channels via streaming in Hong Kong. Like it is normally done every year, the flag ceremony is held twice: 10am and 5pm.
Slightly before 5 pm, I did a big ironing project. The project package includes one bed sheet linen, one bed cover sheet and four pillow sheets.

Even though my Mr. Right had said such project is not necessary, it is clean anyway, but I wanted to pursue with it, supaya rapih gitu.

The project started well. The regular iron board stood firm, the iron functioned well - both equipment was newly purchased when we moved in. Ironing four pillow sheets is easy. The bed sheet linen is too big, I needed to fold it. The end corner of the bed linen that has rubber is always a little bit of hassles. It tucked at the right side of the iron board. My right hand held the iron, left hand held the bed sheet linen and… iron board fell right on top of my left toe! Gubrakkk...

Aaahhhh… Did it ruin my nail polish? Aduhhh... It was more painful than I had imagined. Could it be more serious than nail polish issues? Well, the pain would disappear soon, sit on the sofa, watch TV…

Minute by minute the pain spread from the left toe to the entire left leg. In an hour, the pain got to my head! That regular iron board is too strong for my toe...

Because of the pain, all I could do is laying down. Pain, please be gentle to me... My toe, I'm sorry I hurt you, I didn't pay attention to you, so sorry...

As if my toe did not hear me, the pain continued. Mr. Right who was in the air flying "ping" me to check how I was doing. As I am a big girl, I said everything was fine, but I could not hide my pain... Sakit.. Tears almost dropped...

Acting as my private medical advisor, he said his diagnose that the bone in my toe could be broken. “Ok, put lots of ice first, take Panadol and wait until I arrive home...”

When in pain, there is denial - the pain would disappear, my toe is just fine, it isn’t broken.

When in pain, there is anger - how could I be so stupid leaving the iron board fell on top of my toe?

When in pain, there is tenderness - I love you my dear toe, you’re the strongest among other toes, but right now you are the weakest.

As newcomer in Hong Kong, I did not know any doctor nor hospital. Mr. Right asked me to check the list of hospitals approved by our health insurance. When he finally arrived home, he confirmed his diagnose. “More likely your toe is broken dear…”  He put more ice.

The pain did not go away with more ice or Panadol. I woke up every two hours as the pain continued overnight.

The next morning, surrounded by the fog, we arrived at the hospital... I could walk with my poor broken toe. Only once I mentioned to the nurse that my toe might be broken because an iron board fell on top of it. The next doctors and nurses who took care of me right-away knew; “So you drop an iron board on your toe?”

While waiting for the x-ray result at the comfortable examination room, I was treated nice; free wifi, TV, a cup of warm tea was served… Do you want more tea Ma’am? Hiks, hiks, I just want my toe to recover -L

The x-ray confirmed. Mr. Right peeped to the result; “The bone in your toe is cracked into three pieces dear”. Hah? Jempol kaki gue retak jadi tiga bagian?

Doctor said “Please take this medicine and Panadol, put your leg high in order to make the blood circulation smooth, and your toe will recover in three months”…. Alamak tiga bulan lama yaaa…  Mr. Right cheered me up; “Within six weeks, the bone will grow back…”

I had to do “home rest”. Anyway, it hurt if I tried to walk or put on shoes/sandals. 

But, this is Hong Kong, the vibrant city… Why would I stay at home?

Hong Kong, everyone seems moving very fast. People walk quickly. Those who are in the hurry in the escalator can use left lane, so they walk while escalator is moving. That is Hong Kong.

I and my broken toe had to calm down. Perhaps this is a sign? Since we moved to Hong Kong, I adapt to the new phase of life, I move on vibrantly like everyone else. All the moving stuff managed appropriately; two weeks going around Hong Kong looking for a new place, third week moving into our new apartment and making sure the apartment is comfortable to live in; fourth week finding furniture, knowing where the supermarkets are, finding my way around, etc.

Other than that, emotionally, I still missed friends whom I left behind in Saigon. Furthermore, I did not have many friends yet in Hong Kong.

What if my toe tried to tell me to slow down? Perhaps it could not bear anymore?

Toe on Day 7

At the end, I enjoyed the “home rest”. Blessing in disguise, I could use the time to update my Blog, browse internet, watch TV, etc.

A week after home rest I started to go out again. I bought new walking sandals that look suitable and comfortable. But they were not good for my broken toe. It became swollen again! Another home rest for a week...

The third week, I went out once every two days. During the swollen time, I still felt blessed. I saw two ladies and a gentleman with broken leg. They had to use crutches, move carefully and slower. May all of them recover and be healthy by now...

Indeed after 4-6 weeks, my toe smiles again. I could do soft stretches like yoga pose. The swollen and bluish sign disappeared. Skin re-grew. There is one thing left; the bluish nail that will disappear as it grows.

Slowly, my new life continues. I know more shortcuts to Central, I make new friends... Yes, there are still plenty of other stuff to discover... Let the time plays...

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