Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Meaning of December

Q:           What do you do when travelling?

A:            Visiting the historic sites!

It is on top of my list every time I go travelling. They can be anything such as museums, palaces or places of worship. 
Perhaps it is the time to share some of the church pictures I took in few places in Europe.... Yes, this may be considered as the part 2 of my previous posting December Notes on churches I have seen in Asia.

France, Finistere, Brittany - Clohars-Carnoët

I fell in love with this place. Lovely. The complex consists of the ruins of the Abbey, big green lush garden, river and buildings as part of the Abbey.

Abbey of Saint Maurice, Brittany
Located on the edge of the Carnoët forest on the banks of Ellé river, the ruins of Abbey of Saint Maurice in Clohars-Carnoët was originally founded by Maurice Duault in 1177. Click their official website for more info:

Garden of the Abbey of Saint Maurice, Brittany
France, Brittany - Locronan

Another church to be admired! The church of Saint Ronan in Locronan. 

Church of Saint Ronan, Locronan

I put this pic as a teaser, as I will have a complete story (when it is ready-J) about Brittany.

Inside the Saint Ronan Church, Locronan

France, Sein Island

Can you guess where Sein island is? Locally it is known as Île de Sein. This island is in the Atlantic Ocean, off Finistère, 8 km from the Pointe du Raz in the Finistère department of Brittany in north-western France.

It's near the pier, Sein Island, Brittany
I always like to take pics of small churches as I walk around. They look peaceful with their own aura.

Small church at Sein Island, Brittany

Holland, Amsterdam

The New Church or Nieuwe Kerk is 15th century church in Amsterdam located on Dam Square.

The Nieuwe Kerk (New Church), Amsterdam

I love this open square which is next to the Royal Palace and situated in the middle of the city. I spent hours wandering around the square, admiring the ancient buildings in the surrounding, looking at people passing by – oh life…


This is the Cathedral where many of the royal family of Monaco were buried, including Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III.  

Monaco Cathedral
The Monaco Cathedral or Saint Nicholas Cathedral was consecrated in 1875, and is on the site of the first parish church in Monaco built in 1252. Official website:
Monaco Cathedral (inside part)

Italy, Milan

Milan Cathedral

When I visited this place, in the center of the square in front of the Cathedral, there was an area covered for renovation.  It looks like a statue i.e. the equestrian statue of Vittorio Emanuele II, the first Italian king in 19th century. So if I wanted to take pic of the whole Cathedral, this is the best that I could do.

The Duomo in the night, I took this pic from the building across
the street, between two small pillars
If you can stay around, day time and night time – and if you can take pics of the Duomo in both times, it is perfect – life is beautiful!
Italy, Venice

Piazza San Marco (Saint Mark's Square) is the heart of Venice. I say this place is the graduation corner of everyone visiting Venice!

Saint Mark's Square, Venice
The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark is situated at the eastern end of the Piazza, adjacent and connected to the Doge's Palace. Near there, the Clock Tower which was completed in 1499 stood still. 

Part of Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark, Venice

Beautiful Cathedral in beautiful Venice… Venice is not only beautiful but it has many mysteries.  

Can you imagine walking by yourself in dark and quiet ancient Venetian alleys? 

Once, we were almost lost in the dark. A gentleman approached and asked us if we needed any help.  We walked together and he showed us the direction to San Marco pier. He walked half way with us and turned left to his destination. 

Who could imagine that we were almost lost in Venice and met a noble gentleman? He is a priest from India and was in Venice for his examination.  God bless him.

Italy, Volterra

Are you familiar with the name of town? It is where Bella Swan tried to save Edward Cullen from killing himself when he thought she died. Yes, Twilight saga!  
A house near the church in Volterra

When the time turned to 12 noon, when Edward walked outside to see the sun, remember the Clock Tower in the movie? Fifteen minute drive from there, we arrived in the Church of Saint Justus and Clement (the Patron of Saints of Volterra).  

Inside the church, there is something like a small whole in the wall that let the sun comes in at noon sharp. It is lighting up a mysterious line drawn on the marble floor next to the altar. Mysterious. 

Inside the Church of St. Justus and Clement, Volterra
Can you see the white stripe on the floor? (right photo)

Every day – every week – every month has its own mystery.
When the mystery is gone, then comes meaning….
As every Christmas has its own meaning… What is it for you?

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