Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flashback Trips: Memories…

My first visit to HK was long time ago when Kai Tak Airport was still in operation.  I was excited noticing the aircraft landing surrounded by high rise buildings!  I felt like to lift my legs up to avoid touching those skyscrapers!

Hong Kong in foggy day
The most memorable visit was during new-year celebration when my friend Anyes was still based in Hong Kong.  At that time, I landed in Chek Lap Kok Airport.  She arranged sightseeing to Victoria Peak, Kowloon Harbor, and trip to Shenzen, the border with China. 

Anyes is no longer living in Hong Kong.  Memory remains.  Thanks to her, I was introduced to some of her friends.  Wenny and I become friends.  She and her husband visited us in Ho Chi Minh City a few months ago.

Shopping in Kowloon
Times Square Mall reminds me of Causeway Bay Having stayed in a busy area like Causeway Bay, I could constantly hear noises in the street.  We stayed in a hotel for a few nights, between Causeway Bay and Tin Hau, when my Mr. Right had to attend business meeting.  I took this chance to do girlish things.

Times Square, Causeway Bay
What I remember about Kowloon is the Harbor.  However, Wenny took me to Lai Chi Kok MTR station Exit C.  It was good to beat the crowd and arrive early at HK Industrial Center.  This is the place for the wholesalers.  Most clothes seems to be influenced by the Korean and Japanese fashion style-J

The non air-con building is occupied by wholesalers.  Mirip Mangga Dua kali ya… The shop attendant gives wholesale price for three clothes of the same style.  However, the price for one clothes is of course more expensive.
The next area is an air-con building.  It is no need to buy minimum of three clothes, it is individual price.

Manage our expectation about the sales service at this place.  Do not bother asking an unimportant question especially if we do not speak the local language.  Try the clothes only if we are interested!  This last point, I supposed, this is common practice everywhere…

Coffee, Rice Congee, Egg Tart & something I can't recall

After having had late brunch at nearby canteen, we moved to another area near to Prince Edward MTR station. Fai Yuen Kai is Fai Yuen Street

It is a closed street, no vehicle allowed, but still we could not walk in the middle of the street because it was too damn hot in summer.  It is better to walk under the shades of the shops or street vendors. 

The street vendors are occupying part of the street.  Bukan cuma di Jakarta aja yg banyak pedagang kaki lima.  They sell fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as clothes for children/adults, accessories, etc. including weird stuff like pedicure foot scrubber!

The area
The shops are mainly selling clothes; ‘young and trendy’ fashion for kids, women, men.  My favorite shops are the hair accessories and kids toys shops!

My niece loves me after I gave her “Minnie Mouse” hair pins ! She loves me more after proofing herself that the “hat with fan built-in - solar powered” works well under the sun!  She screamed calling for attention; “Tante V…. it’s moving…!!”

That means I had to go back to Fai Yuen Street again, to buy another one for my younger nephew, because he likes it too -J

Culinary Experience

“Do you want to try the smelly tofu?” Wenny asked.

Smelly Tofu - Tahu Bau

Such tofu (bean curd) exists?  I am a fan of tofu but never heard of it before… Well, it is a regular deep fried tofu, one cut is a medium size perfect for snacking.  Indeed, it has strong smell!   Get one tofu, put the sauce on top of it, and sedap….

Many snacks! Banyak gorengan!
Second snack was something like fish cake ball satay.  Ini juga sedap….

Fish cake ball satay
In hot summer day, fresh iced tea is good but it becomes perfect with Gong Cha iced milk tea with brown jelly…

Voila! That's my Gong Cha Ice Milk Tea with Brown Jelly

Third snack or late lunch was Ketupat Sayur at Warung Chandra in Causeway Bay… So Indonesian…. We shared one portion for two, good excuse!  It is a little bit of spicy vegetable soup with chicken curry, beef rendang, tofu, kerupuk (crackers) and rice cake.

Ketupat Sayur @ Warung Chandra, Causeway Bay

Victoria Peak

In that few day trip, the whole things was too much for my feminine brain-J  The busy Causeway Cay and Tin Hau areas, Kowloon, the dynamic life in this city, it is all different from my life in Ho Chi Minh City.
Peak Tower

However, in this vibrant/vivid/vigorous place, there are a few tranquil places.  One of them is my favorite place i.e. The Peak.

Old Peak Tram that is no longer in use
I fell in love with the Peak at the first sight.  If I may categorize places into genders just like in French language; féminin et masculin, the Peak falls under category féminin.  She is romantic.

Public Viewing Area, we can see Hong Kong from here
Even though it is sunny or foggy day, even if it is dark cold evening, it does not change my mood towards her …. It is a peaceful get-away corner from hectic life…

Hong Kong View from The Peak
The most exciting way to go there is to take the Peak Tram.  The Tram goes up the hill at almost around 45 degree angle.  Try to seat at the right side to see better view.  Have the camera ready and click, click, click….  Shoot remarkable scenery of Hong Kong…
Me time” with the Peak was perfect. 

After having walked around Peak Galleria, Peak Tower and the public viewing area, I sat in a serene corner at Pacific Coffee.  Sitting by the window, having a cup of hot cappuccino, being in a windy weather in foggy romantic afternoon at the Peak, looking down at foggy Hong Kong, daydreams continues….

Foggy afternoon @ The Peak & Hot Cappuccino

Note: Hong Kong tales to be continued after stories to the real cities start with the “V”…


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