Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Buongiorno Portofino!

Ngak sabar nunggu cerita keindahan Italia dan ketampanan para lelakinya*

*That’s a comment from my friend saying that she is not patient waiting for my stories on Italy and the good looking Italian men… -J -J

When I was at high school, when cable TV was not popular yet, the most attractive entertainment was the World Cup.  I could stay awake until early morning watching the soccer match.   As it was normally held in June during school holiday, I did not worry waking up late the next morning. The favorite teams were of course the German and Italian teams.  Some of my friends were crazy about Argentinian and Brazilian teams too.

When our team lost, we were broken hearted and sad looking at the miserable faces of our good looking heroes.  1998 World Cup is still fresh to my memory.  The Azzuri lost to Les Bleus in the quarter final by 3-4 in the shootout.  It was so hurtful realizing they did not even go to semi-final!  Anyway, since that World Cup, I found another soccer hero, Zizou…  He led French Les Bleus to win the World Cup that year.

Some of my girlfriends are still crazy about Italian soccer players until now….  It is because of their Italian look-J; tall, dark hair, dark eyes, their beautiful names, and of course their talents. 

High school mindset was still stuck deeply in my subconscious mind on the day I arrived in Italy.  My grown up wish is very simple; to enjoy the original Italian food and Italian coffee in Italy…

Genoa, the pirates boat is across the street in front of our hotel
Buongiurno Genoa!  Thanks for the warm welcome…
Transportation in Italy
It was warm to hot when I was there early summer, the sun, the breeze…  The must have things on my travel list: sun block, face plus hair masks, sunglasses, hat and head scarf!

While driving along the highway between France and Italy, I acted like an observer-J   It was a new experience for an Asian girl to be in European highway across the border…

Road is in good condition, some parts were under maintenance however it was still smooth traffic in overall.  The rest area is available in every 20-30 kilometers. There are many tunnels and bridges!  The more important thing: many snack corners and coffee places!  Cappuccino is my best friend in Italy!  Italy is all about food and coffee…  In my case, let’s blame it on the jetlag too.

Thanks to Ms. GPS, her directions led us to Genoa.  She screwed up when we were looking for hotel address.  We came to small road, and smaller one, and to pedestrian road…  Aarrghhh…

In over an hour drive or 35 km from Genoa, we arrived at a fishing village called Portofino.  The big highway led us to narrow streets heading to such a beautiful village.  My jetlag disappeared!
The things-to-do in the tranquil village is to do nothing!


The small town is to relax, walk around, have lunch at the café with harbor view, look at the harbor and the entire area….  Please note that this can be done the whole day, it is such a gorgeous view…

Then walk again, window shopping and sit again for afternoon coffee/tea or ice cream, day dream and wait for the sunset.


We sat at one of the café for afternoon ice cream.  The young waiters are friendly.  If my girlfriends were there, they might go crazy admiring those two young Italian guys; they are tall, blonde hair, good body, knee shorts at hips -J  Other cute view is the canoeing team at the harbor who was about to practice...

At the other café, there was a group of men sitting in one table, smoking, enjoying wine and chatting loudly in Italian…  What a life…


I am sorry for that lady, her order does not seem to be right.  She has to call the waiter a few times, just to get the right tea and milk”, I said.

Mr. Right responded “That is the way to get attention from the cute waiter, dear”.  Hahaha… he noticed my silly observation!

Souvenir Shop

By the way, there are two things in my observation about Portofino and Italy in general:

1-clean public toilet as they are managed by private individual with 1€ fee.

2-parking fee in the official parking lot is expensive.   There may be some spaces by the street, but we may not do it or be fined by the police.

Portofino, this lovely fishing village has inspired people to expand creativity.  Tokyo DisneySea in Chiba - Japan has a re-creation of the sea side town around their harbor.  Also, there is a full scale replication in authentic detail at the Portofino Bay at Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando - USA.

As it is in my World Cup imagination in the old days, Portofino is a proof that Italy (and Italian) is bloody damn too beautiful and handsome.

Thanks for dragging me to visit this lovely town (in my jetlag)...

Lanjut…? Next…?

Torre pendente di Pisa (Italian)
The Leaning Tower of Pisa (English)
Menara Miring Pisa (Bahasa Indonesia)

….and a glance of Florence or Firenze in Italian.

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