Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's get healthy!

One morning, I woke up at 5.40 am...  As from my balcony, on the right side, I could see some high rise buildings and at the back of those I could see the top floors of the 68 storey Financial Tower.  The view in front of me to the left, I could see the Saigon river... Beautiful...

Still the gorgeous sunrise view has not swiped away my laziness.  I tighten up my shoelace then went downstairs to meet my neighbor by 6.20am.  Voila, we walked toward Truong Dinh park. 

Waking up early morning, walking to the park, looking at other people doing their exercises and these two ladies are going to burn calories by attending aerobic class...!

A mixed group ladies gathered when the female instructor started the music.  "I'm coming up so you better get this party started......"   It is not Pink who sings this song, but still everyone is motivated to move their legs, hips and hands.

This group finished exercise at 6.30am. What time did they start?

Participants are different age, postures and they can wear whatever comfortable for this exercise.  Some wants to take it easy, others are more energetic...  Just follow instructor's movements.  I don't understand her anyway, except when she says "tám, chín, mười.."  Every time after she says that, we change direction of our move i.e. from shaking our hips to the right, we move to the left. Then before starting a new move, she says: "chúng ta đi bộ..."

I was telling myself that this aerobic class reminds me of SKJ (Senam Kesegaran Jasmani)When I was at school, SKJ was a well known mass exercise for all school students in Indonesia.  I still remember its soundtrack "teng... teng teng teng teng teng! teng teng.. teng teng.. teng teng teng teng teng teng teng!!"  

Green fresh garden in the morning
I moved my hips as if I did "Goyang Inul - Ngebor" (Inul's move - drilling).  Alamak, her dance moves is incredible.  When she does her wiggle-waggle moves, I like to look at men expressions.  Normally I see their eyes sparkling and lips smiling!   Inul is one of the most famous Dangdut Singers in Indonesia.  Dangdut is a genre of Indonesian popular music that is partly derived from Malay, Arabic and Hindustani music.

Each lady has their favorite spot to stand.  They stand up in a line...  Why?  They want to avoid the sun, therefore they stand up behind the tree shadow!

These guys are getting ready to practice Karate?
"Tám, chín, mười" - eight, nine, ten - "chúng ta đi bộ..." - let's walk... All right ladies, let's get the six pack..!!

Beautiful building among the people doing the morning exercise

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