Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Indonesian restaurant in Hong Kong, Causeway Bay "Kampoeng"

Fried pigeon with steamed rice
I have not written for awhile, there is no excuse. What have I been doing then? Socializing I should say, meeting up with friends, eating here and there. The good thing is that I find more interesting places around Hong Kong.

Wiskul or Wisata Kuliner or Culinary Trip in English. That's what I always do with the ladies. We go to one place and another. Our favorite is to find new Indonesian restaurant or warung (warung means small restaurant). Some of my friends, even though they have been living overseas for years, still is still craving for Indonesian food.

Voila, there is a new restaurant in Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Kampoeng is actually the old Indonesian written word for Kampung, which means small village. This place was just opened around Christmas last year (2014).

Sugar Street is really the center of Indonesian culinary in Causeway Bay. That's where the Indonesian Consulate is situated. Victoria Park is where the Indonesian Migrant Workers enjoying their day off on Sunday. Please try to avoid the crowd there, it's just too hectic.

The owner of Kampoeng also owns some Indonesian supermarkets and other warung serving Indonesian food. However this restaurant is better quality, in terms of better food and place. It is more spacey, nicer decoration, better quality of food and of course it is slightly more expensive comparing to other Indonesian small restaurants in the neighborhood - but it is worth the money.

Some yummy food that my friends and I had are the following.

Grilled fried fish with steamed rice

Chicken satay with lontong (rice)

Beef oxtail soup with rice
"Ayam Penyet" (fried chicken) with steamed rice & spice sambal (chili)

Dessert: Es Campur Kampoeng
Selamat makan! Bon appetit!

ps.: Try to come during working days (avoid weekend as Sugar Street is very crowded).


  1. bon appetit!

    wihh, keren2. harus mampir nih kalau lagi ada duit!
    wah gile. menggoda banget...