Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Art Basel, Hong Kong

This art exhibition has just finished a couple of days ago. This isn't just an art exhibition, but it is "The" Art Exhibition that everyone must go. I read somewhere that Art Basel attracts attention of many famous celebrities.

It was started in Basel and later in Miami and Hong Kong. The similarity of those cities? One person told me that's where many 'the have' people live, or perhaps some of them pretend to be 'the have'...

We don't have to be collector to visit this exhibition, anyone who is somehow into the art can go as long as they have ticket. If we buy it ahead of enough time, the online ticketing agent had special price of paying one ticket to get two.

Hong Kong is always crowded on Sunday..., with or without Art Basel. Going there on Sunday was a bit of a challenge. As an anticipation to the crowd, I bought and collected the tickets a few days before the day. Being there when the exhibition just opened at 12 noon was a good idea, as it's got busier later in the afternoon.

Walking around the exhibition hall was another challenge... once in a few steps I had to stop as the person in front of me stopped to take pic of the paintings, or the sculptures, or even to do selfie! Well I don't deny that I also stopped, but I did it carefully without bothering the others (I hope)...

Once entering the Hall in the ground floor, be careful to enter the regular entrance instead of VIP entrance -:), a couple of bartender pushing fancy trolley offering Champagne to the guests (with an exchange of HK$ for sure), and don't worry of getting thirsty or hungry as there are two coffee corners at the back of the Hall...


It is almost everyone visiting this Art exhibition bring either camera (regular camera, sophisticated ones), tablets or smartphones... click... sorry..., click smartphone here, click DSLR camera there, click...

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