Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Say it with flowers... HK Flower Show

I was not so interested to come to this exhibition until some friends said that Indonesia won the Golden Award of Outstanding Exhibit in the past few years. 

Booth of Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong @ HK Flower Show 2013

As to support my beautiful country, I arrived at Victoria Park at noon at the day when it was very sunny...  I went straight to the information center and asked for the Indonesian booth. Well, the booth made me proud being an Indonesian in Hong Kong.  

See the pic of Saman dancers @ Indonesian booth

This year, Indonesia presented a booth themed on the Indonesian province of Aceh. The booth attracted attention of many visitors. People were standing in front of the booth taking pics of the booth and flowers, the Indonesian dancers too. The booth was never alone!

Indonesian dancers @ Indonesian booth

Gile, susah bener motret booth ini tanpa orang2,…  Banyak yang mau foto bunganya, booth-nya, atau foto bareng sama penari2nya…

Other booths from different countries (and other entities in Hong Kong) present gorgeous flower arrangement as well...


Thailand booth

Macau booth

Japanese garden style

Without having planned it, I went there again on Sunday the last day of the exhibition. The crowd seemed double! Victoria Park is always crowded anyway on Sunday as it is the day off for the migrant workers.

What does it look like?

Cute flower arrangement

Cute "mushroom" flowers


Still the Indonesian booth organized by Indonesian Consulate General was crowded.... Bahasa Indonesia with many different accents could be heard in almost everywhere.  The beautiful dancers dressed up in different outfits. They are as pretty as always…
Some more Indonesian dancers
This flower is not about moving Mong Kok flower market to Victoria Park, but it is better than I expected.

My 2nd favorite booth, after the Indonesian booth @ HK Flower Show 2013

Congrats Indonesian team! Good job!

Like this!

About the Event: HK Flower Show is an annual event organized by Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department to promote horticulture and the awareness of greening. The event was held on 15 to 24 March 2013 at Victoria Park - Causeway Bay. See link:

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