Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Town of Phuket

Phuket town is about an hour’s drive from Mai Khao beach. We went there using the hotel shuttle bus.

Shops at Phuket Town

As we stayed five days in Phuket, it was worth to visit the town. By spending a half day, from the afternoon until the evening, I could explore the town and visit interesting places.

Many shops were still closed during this Chinese New Year holiday. However, it was exciting to do sightseeing around the town which was quiet.

One corner at Phuket town

My loved one and I started our steps by walking towards Thalang road. It is known as a historical road with lovely architecture. It looks like Chinese or Peranakan style, there is Portuguese influence as well. People often say as ‘Sino-Thai architecture’.

Herbs shop @Thalang road
Thalang road is a commercial district. Most buildings consists of shops which many of them selling clothes including Muslim clothes, herbs shops, offices, cafes or restaurants.

Clothes shop @Thalang road

There are cute cafes/ restaurants in Thalang road; Wilai Kopitiam and China Inn. Unfortunately, the Kopitiam was closed due to Chinese New Year holiday.

China Inn at Thalang Road

China Inn is occupying a fine-looking building. It is not only café and restaurant but it is also a handicraft shop.

Interior part of China Inn

Interior part of China Inn

We sat at the beautiful green garden at the backyard. It was too early for dinner.

@China Inn green garden

As it was a sunny day and my t-shirt was all wet, the cold ice lemon tea and ‘fresh mango with sticky rice’were perfect companions.

Mango with sticky rice

We walked from Thalang road and turned right to Soi Rommani which means Rommani road.

It as too early to drop by at Glastnost café which seems to be the highlight of this road. It is not only a café but it is also a law office.

Glastnost in Phuket Town

We came back to Thalang road and walked all the way toward an intersection that lead us to Yaowarat road. It is another commercial district with many shops. Lampions were hung in some parts of the road.

As from Yaowarat road, we turned left to Phang Nga road. It is another fascinating road. On the left, there is the South Wind secondhand bookstore.

Within a few steps, there is stunning temple which I believe it is the Shrine of the Serene Light which was built before 1900.

The Shrine of the Seren Light Temple
Lampions were switched on when it's getting dark. Lovely!

Opposite of this temple, there is a souvenir shop where I bought a pretty bag with Chinese designs, and chic jewelry!

Then, it was time for dinner! Without hesitation, I want to eat more Thai food.

Cozy patio
Thanks to TripAdvisor, we found Siam Indigo, a cozy Thai restaurant. They are occupying an exotic ancient building in Phang Nga road.

We sat outdoor at the patio which is located at the backyard of the restaurant. It is a nice outdoor setting.

Good cocktail and good food.

As we were too lazy to think what to order for dinner, we just followed Chef’s recommendation.

As far as I recall, all of the food met our expectation; delicious spicy tuna salad as appetizer, tender and yummy chicken BBQ.

As dessert, we had crème brulee in coconut flavor, it is new taste to us, but we like it.

Siam Indigo

Among the most remarkable places in Phuket town, we saw a lovely ancient private house in a secluded alley somewhere in the middle of the town. The house was noticed by accident when we passed a dark alley between two buildings.  

The two storey house and front yard grass look like they are being abandoned. Dark house, no light, closed windows. The sound of barking dogs from far…

Asking a few people nearby, none of them is aware who the owner is, or if they have ever seen the owner. What they know is that the house is owned by a family from generation to generation.

As it is a private house, the owner’s privacy must be respected.

* (a polite greeting or farewell used when meeting or parting) hello; goodbye; good morning; good afternoon; good evening; good night; greetings. Woman says “ka” and man says “krab”.

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