Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The ball is round

The ball is round and anything can happen before the whistle is blown.

Tân Bình Stadium
The Mascot, he can dance!

It was a nice surprise that ten countrymen got together to watch ABL basketball game.  In day to day activities, we are just too busy with our own things, but we spend time and effort to watch this game and support our team.

Vietnam Flag (left) and Indonesian Flag (right)

The brotherhood becomes stronger.

Saigon Heat Supporters

I was too excited to gather Indonesian supporters for the previous game of INA (Indonesia) Warriors vs Saigon Heat (Vietnam) on 17 March. It ended up by having seven Indonesians and two French shouting and cheering INA Warriors.  Thanks to Coffee Bean, all of us entered the stadium by using the Fan Voucher.

After the good game, the Warriors won the game against the Heat (72-68), we decided to have a little celebration (as everyone was hungry) at Hard Rock Cafe.  Supporters could be as tired as the sportsmen.  

Again, my girl friend and I tried to gather some crowd for 4 April match.  At first, we thought there would be only four people, it turned out to be ten of us!  

The Heat supporters & cheerleaders

One is doing the split and one is back bending
Cheering, shouting and giving applause for INA Warriors in Saigon Heat headquarter?  Come along with us, "Merah Putih" our national flag.  "Red and White" - the red symbolizes human blood and the white represents the human spirit.

Critical moment when it was draw - 3.7 seconds to go

It was another good game.  Honorable defeat (Warriors 86 - Heat 88).  Still we are proud of you - our Warriors!

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