Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Macau is not only about casino as what people thinks as first impression.
It is only an hour away from Hong Kong. Just take the ferry, its schedule is very convenient and affordable. You may refer to Cotaijet and Turbojet

Grand Lisboa Casino

Alternatively, we can also go to Macau with plane or helicopter.

Lisboa Casino

My last visit to Macau early this year was a refreshing of my first visit in 1995 (if I am not mistaken).
Rickshaw nearby Lisboa Casino
No worries about transportation in Macau, free shuttle bus is available from/to ferry terminal to casinos/hotels.
Arriving at Macau Taipa ferry terminal, I took shuttle bus of Grand Lisboa casino. It was only 15 minute ride.

Senado Square

Destination? Senado Square and of course the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral!

Senado Square

Just walk out of Grand Lisboa casino, turn right and go along the street for around 15 minutes. Most people walk in that area is going there anyway… then you will see Senado Square on the right side.

Senado Square

The area is just a mini Europe in China.

St. Domingo's Church, Senado Square

Buildings there are beautiful. One of them is the tourist information center where I went there to get Macau map for free.

Inside St. Domingo's Church
Senado Square

Once we are in Senado Square, there are more signs to find the Ruins of St. Paul’s. Walking there is interesting, small European type of street. Climbing up to the top may not be smooth especially on the weekend as there are tourists busy looking at shops on both sides. But it is worth the efforts, anyway it is not a long way up there.

Busy street on the weekend
going to Ruins of St. Paul's

Shop selling food, on the way
to Ruins of St. Paul's

Shop, on the way to Ruins of St. Paul's

Tourists who is rushing going to Macau, for the sake of ticking the box, will only take pics in front of the Ruins. However, this World Heritage Site has more interesting to see.

Ruins of St. Paul's from far

Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

Just go up and visit the Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt, they are built at the bottom of the Ruins of the Cathedral.

Closer look to the gate of the Ruins of St. Paul's

Reading the history of the Ruins of St. Paul's

The history of the Ruins of St. Paul's

Then, when I was at the top of the Ruins, I could see the beautiful view of city below.

The back of the Ruins of St. Paul's

Hello Macau! View taken from the top of Ruins of St. Paul's

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