Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Year of the Horse

This is the first time I stayed in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year holiday.  
Office buildings in Central from the Star Ferry terminal
The plan was firm: watching the fireworks… 

I missed one the most important fireworks ever: the celebration of 15th anniversary of the establishment of HKSAR (July 2012) – as I had just arrived in HK and was sick. I could only see the reflection of the fireworks on the glasses of the other building i.e. Times Square! 

Second firework on the new year’s eve was missed, as my loved one and I thought we could see it from our window but apparently they were hidden by the office buildings. 

The third chance watching fireworks on our second new year’s eve in HK was also missed for a different reason. I could peek the fireworks, or to be exact it was the reflection of the fireworks on the glasses of the office buildings in front of our building! When I moved to the very corner of the room, seriously I could see them a little bit…. Him? Zzzz…. He was too tired after cooking our new year’s dinner, plus he was still on medical leave. 

Three strikes and we are out on the soft ball game… 

The fourth time can’t be missed… 

We carefully chose the strategic but less hassle spot: Star Ferry terminal in Central! 
Welcome the wood horse year!  

I believe all of the good things about it and let’s make it happen.

PS: the last 30 second was the best part of the fireworks. See this link:

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