Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Monday, July 15, 2013

Coffee Time..!

Coffee and cake are the perfect couple. 
Cute biscuits from lovely old friends
& a cup of Godiva hazelnut coffee

I started to drink coffee when I was in high school.  I remember that I liked to drink it in the evening to keep me awake while studying for exams. 

Years before that, when I was in elementary school, I sipped my mom’s coffee from the fridge without her knowing it.  She liked to put a glass of cold bitter coffee in the fridge.  My dad, he liked kopi susu – hot coffee mixed with condensed milk or coffee with creamer or “2 in 1”. 

I was wondering why many adults like drinking coffee, isn’t it bitter?  What’s the good thing about it?  So when I grew up I started to drink coffee as to follow the trend!  Seriously!  

Top left: Coffee Academy, Top center: Marina Aberdeen Club, Top right: Cova
Below left: tea & rainbow cake from dear friend, below center: McDonald,
below right: Indonesian Kopi Luwak, Lamington cake & favorite CD!
One of the first “coffee moments” that I recall was when Starbucks first opened its branch in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.  After having completed presentation skills training, I and some friends went there to release all of the stresses.  It was sweet… 
Top left: cheese cake @ Betty's, top right: cakes @ Simply Life,
Below left: tiramisue @ Grappa's, below right: cheese cake @ Gerard Dubois boulangerie

Another sweet memory about coffee... My former boss in an American bank in Jakarta used to buy me coffee too.  I remember clearly that one morning, after we had completed an important video conference with the regional office, we spoiled ourselves by going to Plaza Indonesia from Grand Hyatt. We walked to Starbucks and had fresh coffee and croissants!  It was a cool way to release the tension-:)  #rememberingthegoodolddays

Blueberry cheese cake & cappuccino @ Pret-a-manger

Coffee time with family and friends – wherever – is something.  It must be appreciated.  What counts the most is the company, second is the coffee and third is the companion i.e. cakes!

Cappuccino @ Zambra

Coffee & tea with milk, fish soup noodle @ Tsui Wah

Cheese cream bagel & cappuccino @ Tree café
Mocha cappuccino & a cake @ Café Corridor

Cappuccino & red velvet cake @ Zoel

Four Season's cafe

High tea set @ Habitu
Mango millefeuille @ Sevva
Here are some memories of the coffee and cakes I had along the past year in Hong Kong.  PS: there will be some more in the future!

Cappuccino & cupcake @ Habitu

Cappuccino & cakes @ a café in Harbor City

Top left: home made Banoffi cake, Top right: Banoffi cake @ Jaspas
Below left: Banoffi/Toffee pie @ Simply Life, below right: Banoffi pie @ Portobello


  1. Wow!! I like coffee very much. Your picture of coffee art are very good. And cakes are also looks very delicious.

    Kopi Luwak

  2. I like coffee too..
    especially hot cappucino <3 it's make me calm, enjoy and happy :)

    nice pict!

  3. Hello coffee lovers! Coffee can make us happy! Thanks yaaaa....