Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Saturday, October 13, 2012

V, Volturi, Volterra

As Twilight saga fan, I straightaway said yes to go to Volterra when knowing it is only 50 km from Florence.
Famous clock tower, Volterra
That is where Edward Cullen wanted to end his life, by meeting the Volturi family, when he thought Bella Swan died after jumping from the cliff.  

Some of my friends do not like New Moon, the second book in Twilight series.  The story is too slow.  Also, they dislike the movie as Edward does not appear a lot.

Volterra - lovely scenery

I like this book as if I could feel Bella’s emptiness when she emotionally suffered being left by Edward...  I remember the scene of her facing the window with blank eyes and the season changes from autumn, winter, another season and season.... In the name of love, she did whatever she could by rushing to save him in Volterra the home of the Volturi.

Town border
Only in this movie, I realize that this town is real.

Early summer days with weather around 27-34 degree Celsius, it is all perfect condition to drive from Florence.  While Mr. Right was driving, I could not stop enjoying myself looking at the lovely view in our surrounding, plus there is this typical smell of fragrance of yews in the Tuscan countryside…  
Volterra - beautiful landscape
The town was still quiet at 9 am.  When most of the residents were still in their beds, we walked around town. 

First we followed the streets instructions, and then we just let ourselves to get lost.  It was so fun to get lost in Volterra!
Roads/alleys @ Volterra

Most roads look similar and therefore it is easy to get lost.  Most corner and road is beautiful. Some alleys look dark and humid but still they are lovely.  So let’s get lost!  Safety guaranteed.  No Volturi is seen - J

This is just found in the wall at the road

It was pleasant having Italian breakfast in the coffee shop; just a simple breakfast with croissant and cappuccino.

Interior of one of the restaurants

Mr. Right's breakfast menu

Depending on the schedule, the local tourist office has Twilight Tour for visitors!  This office is also a souvenir shop selling posters of magnificent Volterra landscapes/sites, and also Twilight souvenir such as the red apple as seen in book cover. 

Clock tower and beautiful building in the surrounding

We chatted with the tourist officer.  The clock tower in the movie is real.  However, the movie was shot somewhere else.  The tower looks solid, strong and masculin...

Interior of the building underneath the clock tower

The building underneath the tower seems to be a small museum or gallery exhibiting many symbols. 

@ the gallery underneath clock tower

When the sun was up, there seemed to be a gathering (or exhibition?) of Fiat car owners in front of the tower.

In the opposite, a group of gentlemen performed some a cappella songs to the public. 

A cappella performance

Other than the clock tower, there are other interesting ancient sites; a Duomo (church) and the ruins of the Roman theatre which was built in 10 B.C.   
Duomo @ Volterra
Interior of the Duomo
We walked from the clock tower to the church, passed a road with cute jewelry shop and found the theatre.
Road with cute jewelty shop on the left
The view from above is gorgeous.  As if I saw a mini coliseum in Rome.  Nothing in this site, except the beautiful ruins. 

We went back to the tourist office to get extra information.  The Church of St. Justus and Clement (The Patron of Saints of Volterra) is about 15 minute-drive from where we were.  
St. Justus and Clement @ Volterra
This church was originally the small chapels built over the tombs of St. Justus and Clement when they died in the year of 556.  Beautiful, sacred, peaceful, mysterious...
Inside the church, there is something like a small whole in the wall that let the sun comes in at noon sharp.  It is lighting up a mysterious line drawn on the marble floor next to the altar. 

Knowing Bella was still alive, Edward opened his eyes when the clock rang at 12 noon.
Yippee... Edward Cullen is alive!
However, a new threat risen by the Volturi for himself and Bella. Twilight saga continues… and so my holiday in Italy.
It is so Twilight!

V was in Vietnam, Volterra and would be in Venice in the next posting... She has something in common with the three places; the V...

Gorgeous panoramic view of the Roman theatre @ Volterra

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