Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower

Amsterdam view from Amsterdam Tower
The view from Amsterdam Tower

Friday, July 13, 2012

Shanghai in the Night

Shanghai, The Bund

Enjoying Saturday night in Shanghai surrounded by lovely people was one of the highlights during this trip.

Shanghai in the evening @ The Bund

Thanks to William, a friend of my loved one, we went to a nice restaurant at the Bund. It is situated at 7th floor of a nice old European architectural building that strategically facing the Bund - the prestigious area in Shanghai. The Bund or locally known as Wai Tan, is the waterfront area and is regarded as symbol of Shanghai. It is on the west bank of Huangpu River from the Waibaidu Bridge to Nanpu Bridge.

The view from 7th Floor

While waiting for our table, we went outside to the open terrace; the Bund, Huangpu river, high rise buildings and interesting architectural structures in this neighborhood. There were many people walking in the streets! The beautiful lights of buildings across the river, the windy 17 degree Celsius made a such romantic atmosphere.

There is more than good food served up at New Heights. As appetizer, the three of us had mushroom soup, foie gras and crab salad. As for the main course, we had sole fish, cod fish and steak. My sole fish was served with baked potato with sour creme and chives.  Yummy…  It was impossible to skip the dessert! Three scoops of ice cream was a perfect choice! I never tried ‘black sesame ice cream’ before, and this first experience was actually good.

As a personal note, this dinner was part of my French listening exercise. Toutefois j’ai pris beaucoup appr├ęcie ce diner. Merci William.

One of the momuments @ Shanghai, in one of the traffic lights

More to Explore!

Sunday morning was brighter than Saturday. So it’s time to peep at the other part of Shanghai, the modern city!

The high rise buildings in the surrounding of People's Park

People’s Park

Can you see the old building (left) & old one (right)?
Like this match!
It is a good idea to combine the visit to People's Park and Nanjing Road. They are located in the same area. By the way, it is also near to the Shanghai Old Town.

Well, a day before, the distance between my hotel and Shanghai Old Town is 9km. However, on that day, a different taxi driver took a different route of 21km! Mmm…. My intuition told me to note his Driver ID number and so I did.

Anyway, People’s Park is big park at the heart of the city. Anyone can come in and enjoy the green garden. Lots of activities on Sunday morning; a guy doing his Tai Chi, people just walked around and enjoy the garden, some people took pics of the lovely Lotus Pond, small group of tourists, etc…

Me, I like to take pics – from this park looking at the high rise building – as I notice there is combination of mixed old and modern buildings in the surrounding.

My loved one? He likes to take pics of the flowers, lotus in the pond including the water droplets in the leaf-J

In one corner of the park, we saw many handwritten advertisement (or small posters) in the local language. We were clueless… what is it about? Classified advertisement?

Nanjing Road

Shopping! Nanjing road = shopping!

That’s the first impression of this street. It is ‘where to be’ for shopping. Perhaps I could say this is the place where to be seen? It is such a busy shopping street and also the main shopping street in Shanghai. It could be similar to other famous shopping streets in Asia such as Orchard Road in Singapore, or Dong Khoi in Ho Chi Minh City -J Kalau di Jakarta, kurang lebih mall2 di seputaran Senayan - Sudirman - Thamrin gitu kali yaaa...

It is within walking distance from People’s Park. The street is close to any vehicle except the ‘mini train’ shuttle from one point of the street to the other end…. If you are too lazy to walk, you can pay and take this ‘mini train’, which is normally full with children -J

That's the mini train shuttle

Nanjing Road comprises two sections, Nanjing Road East and Nanjing Road West. Hundreds of shops, restaurants, cafes, and hotels are in this area. All types of shops, malls, street alleys, from the famous brands, fast food franchise restaurants, traditional medicine, or street vendors showing leaflets of supposedly ‘branded bags or watches'.

The weekend crowd at Nanjing Road

There were many people, of course, it was weekend. No mood for shopping or barganining. Just window shopping... Jalan-jalan...

Cute shops. L: chopstiks shop. R: chocolate shop!

We just went for a stroll along Nanjing Road West. There is a number of upmarket malls, office buildings, Exhibition Centre and more shops.

After being tired of walking, we stopped at an outdoor coffee place. There is Mojo in Shanghai too! Well, Mojo is a name of a coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh City. That’s where I and my girlfriends like to go for coffee. Jokingly, one of them said that Mojo stands for Mojokerto! It’s one of districts in East Java province in Indonesia.

Left: Mo'Jo in Shanghai. Right: Mojo in Ho Chi Minh City

Finally, we arrived at the destination of where we wanted to be…. 

The Bund in Daylight - Hello Shanghai...!!

The Bund in Daylight

Yes, I went to the Bund the night before….. It is not self-defense response, but indeed the Bund looks pretty as it is in the evening…

Let's take a walk, The Bund, Shanghai

It is really “the place” for photo shoots…

It was windy, a bit cold but still bearable...

Be creative in pics taking. My style – this style – was copied by the guy next to me!-J

See, I can hold that tower!!!

Let’s jump!

** Next stories to come.... Cambodia..... and other places... 

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